Thursday, August 15, 2013

Beautiful. Happy. Smiling.

I don't think that life is all unicorns and rainbows but sometimes it helps to focus on the very best, most beautiful, happiest, brightest things. Here are some of the things making me smile lately.


A book.


Luka, Mum and I were walking past a second-hand shop recently and I couldn't resist a quick look at the kids' books. I picked up some great finds, including this one, Luka's new, absolute favourite book about trucks. He wants to read it numerous times each night before bed. First thing in the morning, he whacks me over the head with it, until we read at least as far as the cement mixer.

But most precious is this sticker, on the back of the book. I didn't notice it until we got it home. It reads, in beautiful, old-fashioned cursive: "To Our Dear Eloise, A great book for little girls... With love, Grinny & Dah"


I love these grandparents who loved their granddaughter enough to teach her from a young age that there aren't rules for girls and boys. It's a complicated world to raise our kids in without us imposing our stereotypes on them.


Another book.


For me, not Luka. It has such a pretty, embossed, hardback cover that I just like looking at it. But it's also a fascinating read - the wartime diaries of May Smith, an English school teacher. These Wonderful Rumours. It is such a different and refreshing way to read history. It includes all the day-to-day life that the history books tend to omit. I'm so enjoying it.
Friday, April 7th: Another crisis - Gosh! We would be lost without a crisis these days - they're dished up to us daily ... There seems to be only one possible end - war and on a horrible and dreadful scale. Oh dear! ... Politics today are a veritable nightmare of intricacy and deceit and are fear-impelled.

Saturday, April 8th: Trot off to Burton, alone, unaided and defenceless on that most nauseating of all missions, Buying a Hat.


My wall.


It took me a while after moving in to start to be able to settle in and decorate my house. I love photos and now that I have walls to put them on, I'm going a little photo-crazy. Again from the local op-shops, I pieced together a collection of frames in different sizes and styles. I spray-painted them all a nice, off-white colour and have hung them along my downstairs corridor. They make me smile every time I go past; photos of places I've been, special people (admittedly, mostly Luka), and precious memories.


I still have more walls to fill...


Baby shoes!


In anticipation of welcoming a friend's little baby very soon, I spent a while playing in my sewing room the other day.


The pattern is from a book (Handmade Beginnings: 24 Sewing Projects to Welcome Baby by Anna Maria Horner) that I bought while pregnant but from which I hadn't yet made anything! They took a little longer than expected, but I was very happy with them. All ready for some teeny, tiny feet.


(Almost as much fun as making them was raiding Mum's substantial button stash and finding the perfect little buttons to go with each pair!)


Seeing people gather about important causes.


Luka, Dad and I went joined in a rally against the disturbing, new asylum seeker policies in Australia. Makes me sad that these things happen, but lifts my heart that so many agree are willing to give up a Sunday afternoon to get together and say there is a better way. (More rallies are coming. Find out. Do something.)


The final block of my quilt finally arrived!


I'm so happy with it. I now have to decide how to finish it and get it all done. Excited!


Birthday lunch with special people at Banjo Patterson Cottage.


Delicious food, gorgeous location, and a glorious Sydney "winter" day.





After 13 years in apartments, I'm loving having a garden. The flowers that herald spring are blooming daily. What wonder God has created!


See? So. Much. Beauty. This post is already far too long, according to blogging rules I'm sure. (We only want to read soundbites, these days, don't we?) But I started and I couldn't stop. I could easily keep on. Go, write your own list. It will do you good.


  1. Recently hubs said that we often don't realise the happy moments when we're living it. It's upon looking back that we know we were happy. I was trying not to disagree when he said that because I often recognise the happy moments when they occur. Like I had such a fantastic sleep this morning only to be rudely awakened by a knock on the door. I opened and there was a delivery guy with a package of 3 books - one for my son and two for me. I almost hugged the delivery guy.

  2. I love your collection of photos. I have printed out some favourite photos over the last few years and stuck them to the inside of a regularly opened cupboard door. Every time it is opened a different photo catches my eye and makes me smile. I think photos cheer us up. Especially on the days that are not all unicorns and rainbows. Hope you are keeping well. Gxo

  3. Oh my! Those shoes, that quilt, those photos! Aren't you a clever one!!! Miss you my dear....

  4. Such a sweet and thoughtful post, dear Kate. I admire you greatly for having such a sunny and positive outlook, in spite of everything else. You inspire me. Please keep sharing your thoughts here - I relish reading them and seeing your gorgeous little chappie growing up. J x

  5. I just found your blog and can't stop reading all you've written.

    Plus my son is also your Luka's age and love children so much.

    You seem so talented, your friends must be very lucky and happy. Lovely shoes you made too :-)

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